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The Ainsworths

The Ainsworths - Rowan Shedden, Hillary Hunt, Phil Jackson
and Adam Holt

Part 4: Albums and Compilations

REV 201 Various - The Class of 81
March, 1981 (Festival cat #s L 28001, L 37404). Also on cassette (REC 201 / C28001)
A1: The Ainsworths - Danger Man. Produced by Steve Kennedy at Harlequin Studios
A2: The Bombers - Dance. Produced by Doug Rogers and John Garde at Harlequin Studios
A3: The Newmatics - Five Miseries. Produced by Steve Kennedy, The Newmatics and Simon Grigg at Harlequin Studios.
A4: Rebel Truce - The Man Inside. Produced by Steve Kennedy at Harlequin Studios.
A5: The Killjoys - I'm Normal. Produced by Steve Kennedy at Harlequin Studios
A6: The Moderns - The Day Has Ended. Produced by Simon Alexander at Harlequin Studios
B1: The Screaming Meemees - All Dressed Up. Produced by Dave Merritt and Steve Kennedy at Harlequin Studios. Mixed by Simon Grigg
B2: Youth For A Price - Oh Yeah. Produced by Simon Alexander at Harlequin Studios.
B3: Blam Blam Blam - Motivation. Produced by David Rudolph and Blam Blam Blam at Harlequin Studios.
B4: Rhythm Method - Carousel. Produced By Steve Kennedy at Harlequin Studios
B5: The Newtones - New Way. Produced by Tony Peak, Christchurch 1980.
B6: Vivid Militia - Lets Go To Australia. Produced by Simon Alexander at Harlequin Studios.
Compiled by, and liner notes by Simon Grigg. Artwork by Terence Hogan. Mastered at Harlequin Studios, Auckland by Simon Alexander.

There were so many new bands in late 1980 that I decided to put together a collection and use the proceeds to record a few. - which we did.

This had a nice Terry Hogan sleeve, which got widely bootlegged on T-shirts, although we sold a fair few of our own. The album launched many of the bands who made an impact in the next year or two.

It only sold a few thousand and has never, despite intent, ended up on CD, but was immensely influential and its story is told here.

There is a chance that a CD will eventuate in 2011.

XS Poster
REV 202: Blam Blam Blam - Blam Blam Blam
March 1982 (Festival cat # L20012. Vinyl only.)
A1: There Is No Depression In New Zealand
A2: Got To Be Guilty
A3: Maids To Order
B1: Battleship Grey
B2: Blue Belmonts
B3: Respect
A1 & A2:Recorded at Harlequin Studios, Auckland, May 1981. Produced by Blam Blam Blam. . A3 to B3: Recorded at Harlequin Studios, Auckland, February and March 1981. Produced by Blam Blam Blam and David Rudolph. All tracks Engineered by Doug Rogers. Artwork by Richard Von Sturmer from an original screenprint by Blam Blam Blam.

The Australians wanted to combine the two Blams releases to date (REV 10 & REV11) so it made sense for us to do the same and compile a mini album, which we did, releasing it in New Zealand using Australian pressings.

Blams on Roof

Blams on the roof of TVNZ's Shortland Street building during the
No Depression video shoot. B&W screened shot used for promo as I recall.


REV 203: The Screaming Meemees - If This Is Paradise I'll Take The Bag
June, 1982 (Festival cat #s L 37415 & L 37681) Also on cassette (REC 203 / C 37415)
A: Your Accent
A2: Days Of Heaven
A3: Day Goes By
A4: Hardly Moved By It
A5: What Do Eyes See
A6: Sunday Boys
B1: "F" Is For Fear (Featuring Kim Willoughby)
B2: Coloured Day
B3: Dali's Moustache
B4: Orson Welles
B5: Miro Miro
Recorded at Harlequin Studios, Auckland, November 1981- May 1982. Produced by Ian Morris, Engineered By Steve Kennedy. Artwork by Peter Urlich. Photography by Kerry Brown.

The debut and only Screaming Meemees album. It reached number eight on the album chart.

The album was extraordinarily well produced by the late Ian Morris in some very uproarious sessions and has held up over the years developing a reputation as a post-punk masterpiece. It was remastered by Alan Jansson in 2009.

The critical response internationally (and especially from the US where Trouser Press and a raft of others loved the album) was uniformly positive.

REV 204: Blam Blam Blam - Luxury Length
May, 1982 (Festival cat #s L 37414 & L 37682). Also on cassette (REC 204 / C 37414)
A1: Talkback King
A2: I Like My Job
A3: Luxury Length
A4: The Bystanders
A5: Don't Fight It Marsha, It's Bigger Than The Both Of Us
B1: Time Enough
B2: Learning To Like Ourselves Again
B3: Businessmen
B4: Pensioner Love (Featuring Dick Driver)
B5: Call For Help (Featuring Ivan Zagni)
B6: Last Post
Recorded at Harlequin Studios, Auckland, October 1981 to March 1982. Produced by Blam Blam Blam and Paul Streekstra, Engineered By Doug Rogers and Paul Streekstra. Track B1 originally recorded by Roy Thomas Baker, remixed by Paul Streekstra and Blam Blam Blam. Artwork by John Reynolds.

The debut Blams (there was a live album on Propeller / CBS too in '84) album. It reached number two on the chart and was a gold album.

The original John Reynolds artwork was stolen from Festival Records warehouse by a Festival staff member and remains missing.

A varied and rather pleasing album that is something of a New Zealand classic. The first sessions were produced by Roy Thomas Baker (Queen's producer) who made the band sound like Foreigner - they were remixed thank god. The planned UK release of this, on Virgin, was under negotiation when the band had their van crash and split, so it sadly never eventuated. .

REV 205 : The Birthday Party - Junkyard
November, 1982 (Festival cat # L 37419)
A1: She's Hit
A2: Dead Joe
A3: The Dim Locator
A4: Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)
A5: Several Sins
B1: Big-Jesus-Trash-Can
B2: Kiss Me Black
B3: 6" Gold Blade
B4: Kewpie Doll
B5: Junkyard
All tracks recorded at A.A.V. Melbourne, except tracks B2, B4 recorded at Matrix London, December 1981 to February 1982. Produced by The Birthday Party. Recorded by Tony Cohen and Richard Mazda. Artwork by Neville Brody and (front cover) Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth.

We released the second and third Birthday Party albums in NZ (and co-toured them). They had great reviews, and it was a buzz to actually get them out in NZ, but lousy sales. This sold virtually nothing despite it's now classic status and initially Festival declined to distribute this album as they thought they were, to quote, "rubbish" - .thanks Victor.

As the pre-release reviews came out, they relented.

Business Card


REV 206: Various - Doobie Do Disc
November, 1982 (Festival cat # L 29011) also on cassette (REC 206 / C 29011)
A1: The Features - City Scenes. Originally released on REV 1
A2: The Spelling Mistakes - Feel So Good. Originally released on REV 2
A3: The Marching Girls - First Line. Originally released on REV 4
A4: The Marching Girls - True Love. Originally released on REV 4
A5: The Features - Party. Originally released on REV 6
A6: The Features - Victim. Originally released on REV 6
A7: The Features - Police Wheels (Demo). Previously unreleased unlisted track.
B1: Techtones - That Girl. Originally released on REV 5
B2: Blam Blam Blam - There Is No Depression in New Zealand. Originally released on REV 11
B3: The Screaming Meemees - See Me Go. Originally released on REV 8
B4: The Newmatics -Doobie Do Boy. Originally released on FUR 002
B5: The Birthday Party - Nick The Stripper. Originally released on REV 12
B6: The Screaming Meemees - At At. Originally released on REV 15
See the Propeller 7" page for production details. Compiled by Paul Rose and Simon Grigg. Front cover drawing by Mike Thompson. Artwork by Simon Grigg. Mastered by Doug Rogers at Harlequin Studios, Auckland, September 1982.

A timely compilation of the early Propeller singles which sold fairly well. A terrible sleeve, by me, but the music worked and it sold very well.

First 500 copies came in a black and white sleeve with no wording on the front.

Urlich label

the third Propeller label, designed by Peter Urlich.


REV 207: Don McGlashan & Ivan Zagni - Standards
December 1982 (Festival cat #s X 14003, L 20016)
A1: Olga And The Moths
A2: Lost Children - Part One
A3: This Is A Love Song - Part One
B1: This Is A Love Song - Part One
B2: First Day
B3: Lost Children - Part Two
B4: Hustau Visits
Recorded at Last laugh Studios, Auckland, September / October 1982. Produced by Don McGlashan and Ivan Zagni, Engineered By Martin Williams. Artwork by John Reynolds

More a mini album than a full album. A fairly avant garde release which some Blam's followers found a bit difficult.

Another John Reynolds sleeve, which lost some of the letraset on the way to the printers. It sold very well though. Never on CD.

Don & Ivan

Don & Ivan (Photo: John Reynolds)


REV 208: No Tag - Can We Get Away With It
March, 1983 (Festival cat # L29012)
A1: Doc Martens
A2: Wink Wink
A3: Secret Mission
A4: Live In Sin
A5: Hang On
A6: Legalised Dogs
B1: Fire On The 5th Floor
B2: Critics (No Label)
B3: Pub Song
B4: The Thrash
B5: Mistaken Identity
B6: To Be
B7: No Tag
B8: What A Great Country This Is (Like Fuck it Is)
Recorded at the Reverb Room, Auckland, December 1982. Recorded by and Produced by Terry King.

A live album and rough as can be - but that was the whole point.

Festival didn't appreciate the skinheads designing and laying out the sleeve in their foyer during a retailers conference either.

The final track was an alternative national anthem which was massive live and a huge student radio hit.

Car Crash Set

Car Crash Set, 1983. Photo: Dave Smith


REV 209: Various - We'll Do Our Best
March, 1983 (Festival cat # L28001)
A1: The Diehards - Hit That Beat
A2: Double Man - Sheep In A Shed
A3: The Wastrels - Angels In Silence
A4: Eight Living Legs - No Cheap Ride
A5: Sid, Mark & James - Crazy Stupid, Beautiful Too
A6: Car Crash Set - Toys
B1: Ballare - Dancing
B2: Terrors Of Tinytown - Deep Inside
B3: Diatribe - Contamination Blues
B4: Days Centrale - I Don't Understand
B5: Compulsory Allies - No Oppression
Recorded at Harlequin, Last Laugh, Mandrill, Progressive, Innovation and Mascot Studios. October 1982 - February 1983. Complied by Simon Grigg, Paul Rose for Propeller; and Andrew Boak, Andrew Hawthorne for bFm. Artwork by Simon Grigg.

The sequel to Class Of 81 - a compilation of new bands put together with Radio B's managment. The album was far more experimental than its predecessor with several tracks representing the wave of new electronica sweeping Auckland - a direction Propeller would likely have followed if I hadn't wound it down.

The cover was lifted off a Wolf Cubs book I owned and was an homage to the legendary Terence Hogan who defined post-punk sleeve design in the earloy 1980s in Auckland. The first few hundred were pink with black drawing and lettering.


Ballare in the practice rooms, Eden Terrace, 1983.
Photos: Chad Taylor

The Wastrels - Angels In Slience
Newmatics Rip It Up Cover

The Newmatics on the first Rip It Up colour cover.


2REV 210 : Various - Bigger Than Both of Us
August, 1988 (Festival cat # L 60037/8) also on cassette (2REC 210 / C 60037/8), and on CD (Propeller RED 210, Festival's cat # D 60037/8) issued in 1990.
For track listing and details go to the BTBOU page
Reissued on CD as REV 505 (see below)
Re-mastered at Mandrill Studios, Auckland, June / July 1988 by Roland Morris. Artwork by Chad Taylor / Thermostat. Liner notes by Murray Cammick, Harry Ratbag, Barry Jenkins, Colin Hogg and Simon Grigg. Compiled by Simon Grigg with Simon Baeyertz.

A collection of New Zealand indie singles released between 1979-82. Thirty important and timeless tracks from all the indie labels of the time. I was inspired by the great Australian sixties compilation 'So You Wanna Be a Rock'n'Roll Star'.

Artwork by Chad Taylor and compiled with assistance Simon B from Festival. A set that defined an era rather well if I say so myself.

The Androidss

The Androidss, 1982. Photo Bryan Staff


REV 401: Various - Doobie Do Disc (Australian edition)
April 1983 (Festival cat # L20023)
A1: Blam Blam Blam - Don't Fight It Marsha, Its Bigger Than Both Of Us. Original release on REV 14
A2: The Miltown Stowaways - Reptiles. Original release on REV 23
A3: The Prime Movers - Crying Again. Original release on FUR 5
B1: The Screaming Meemees - See Me Go (Version). Original release on REV 8X
B2: The Bongos - Falling. Original release on REV 20
B3: The Dabs - Remember When. Original release on REV 19
Sleeve by Simon Grigg. Compiled (I think) by Victor Stent and some bozo in Sydney.

Festival Australia picked up their option and got it wrong - what a mess. I sat in the Sydney boardroom and was told "we've handled punk rock before" as they pointed to Joe Jackson on the wall. They recompiled this with the wrong tracks, wrong mixes and didn't ask.

The first I knew of it was when I arrived in Sydney.

Tony Drumm

Tony Drumm, Screaming Meemees, band room, Mainstreet.
Photo: Simon Grigg


REV 501: The Screaming Meemees - Stars In My Eyes
October, 1992 (Festival cat # D 30856)
1: Can't Take It. Produced by Bryan Staff
2: All Dressed Up. Produced by Steve Kennedy & Dave Merritt. Mixed by Simon Grigg
3: Poison Boys. Recorded by Reid Snell.
4: See Me Go. Produced by Andrew Snoid. Mixed by Simon Grigg & Steve Kennedy
5: Till I Die. Produced by The Screaming Meemees and Dave Merritt
6: Pointy Ears. Produced by Steve Kennedy & Dave Merritt. Mixed by Simon Grigg
7: At At
8: Sunday Boys
9: Days Of Heaven
10: Your Accent
11: Day Goes By
12: Hardly Moved By You
13: "F" Is For Fear (Featuring Kim Willoughby)
14: Coloured Day
15: Miro Miro
16: Over The Hills. Produced by Steve Kennedy. Mixed by Simon Grigg
17: All Dressed Up. Recorded by Tom Sampson. Mixed by Simon Grigg.
18: See Me Go (Demo). Produced by Steve Kennedy and Dave Merritt
19: Stars In My Eyes. Produced by Tony Drumm, Glyn Tucker Jnr & Tom Sampson.
All tracks recorded at Harlequin Studios, Auckland, except 3. recorded live at Mainstreet, Auckland, March 1981, 17. recorded live at Mainstreet, Auckland, April 23, 1983. & 19. recorded at Mandrill Studios, Auckland. All tracks Produced by Ian Morris unless indicated otherwise. Mastered at Airforce by Nigel Foster. Artwork by Chad Taylor. Compiled and liner notes by Simon Grigg.

A deleted greatest hits and rarities collection. It, included most of their album, all the singles, B sides, unreleased tracks and extensive liner notes from me. Now replaced with the remastered Paradise album.

Dave Merritt & Mike ONeill

Screaming Meemee Mike O'Neill, with original manager, Dave Merritt,
Harlequin Studios, early 1981.


REV 502: Blam Blam Blam - The Complete Blam Blam Blam
November, 1992 (Festival cat # D 30899)
1: There Is No Depression In New Zealand
2: Battleship Grey
3: Maids To Order
4: Dr. Who
5: Motivation
6: Blue Belmonts
7: Respect
8: Got To Be Guilty
9: Don't Fight It Marsha, Its Bigger Than The Both of Us
10: Learning to Like Ourselves
11: Call For Help
12: Time Enough
13: Like My Job
14: Luxury Length
15: Businessmen
16: Talkback King
17:The Bystanders
18: Beach on 42nd Street
19: Last Post
All recorded at Harlequin Studios, Auckland, except 18. recorded live at Mainstreet, Auckland, January 1984. Tracks All Produced by Blam Blam Blam with (Tracks 4, 9 to 17 and 19) Paul Streeksta, (Track 18) Steve Garden, and (Track 5) David Rudolph. Compiled by Simon Grigg & The Blams. Sleeve by John Reynolds and Jane Winton.

As the title says, everything, bar one track which the band didn't want to include.

The sleeve was compiled from posters etc but could've benefited from more information, however it was the band's call.

Reverted to Blams ownership in 2002. I didn't have to, and I guess could be described as nuts but I gave all masters back to them.

Toy Love

Toy Love at the Windsor Castle, Parnell, Auckland, 1979.
Photo Sara Leigh Lewis


REV 503: Various - AK79
November, 1993. (Flying Nun cat # FN 279, Festival cat # D 31083)
Track details and credits on the AK 79 page.
Remastered at Airforce, September by Nigel Foster and Simon Grigg. Compiled by (original album) by Bryan Staff, and (reissue) Simon Grigg & Roger Shepherd. Liner notes by Kerry Buchanan, Bryan Staff and Simon Grigg. Artwork by (original album) Terence Hogan, and (reissue) Andrew B. White.

The classic New Zealand punk collection, re-compiled, expanded and remastered.

Essentially a Propeller release but put out as a joint venture with Flying Nun. I left Terry Hogan's original, classic, sleeve design credit off the reissue accidentally - so 'Original Sleeve Design by Terence Hogan'.

Released via Festival but picked up by Warners when they bought FMR.

Suburban Reptiles

Three Suburban Reptiles, Massey, Auckland, May, 1977.
Photo Simon Grigg


REV504 REV504 Shayne REV504 Inner Rev504 Inner
REV 504: Various - Give It A Whirl (Soundtrack to the TV Series)
June, 2003 (Universal cat # 99632)
CD 1
1: Sam Matepaerae and The Rocking Rockers - The Rocking Rockers. Originally released on Ace ASP 100, 1959
2: Johnny Devlin - Lawdy Miss Claudy. Produced by Merv Thomas. Originally released on Prestige PSP 049, 1958.
3: Max Merritt & The Meteors - Everybody. Produced by Max Merritt. Originally released on Viking VE 191, 1964.
4: Dinah Lee - Do The Blue Beat. Produced by Ron Dalton. Originally released on Viking VP 158, 1964.
5: The La De Das - How Is The Air Up There. Produced by John Hawkins. Originally released onPhilips PF 338077, 1966.
6: Sandy Edmonds - Daylight Saving Time. Originally released on Prestige / Festival NZ FNZK 4, 1967.
7: Larry's Rebels - Painter Man. Produced by Larry's Rebels. Originally released on Impact IR 1018, 1967.
8: The Avengers - Everybody's Gonna Wonder. Produced by Nick Karavias. Originally released on HMV HR 300, 1967.
9: Allison Durbin - Don't Come Any Closer. Produced by Howard Gable. Originally released on HMV HR 333, 1968.
10:. The Formyula - Home (UK Version). Produced by David Mackay. Originally released on the B side of HMV HR 380, 1969.
11: Ticket - Country High. Produced by Frank Douglas. Originally released on Ode 24, 1970.
12: Space Waltz - Out On The Street. Produced By Alan Galbraith. Originally released on EMI HR 526, 1974.
13: Dragon - Rock'n'Roll Ponsonby. Produced by Rick Shadwell. Originally released on the B side of Vertigo 6036 908, 1974.
14: Split Enz - Titus. Produced by Dave Russell and Split Enz. Originally released on the B side of White Cloud WC 003, 1975.
15: Max Merritt & The Meteors - Slippin' Away. Produced by Max Merritt. Originally released on Arista BL 308, 1975.
16: Hello Sailor - I'm A Texan. Produced by Rob Aicken. Originally released on Key K 96, 1978.
CD 2
1: The Suburban Reptiles - Saturday Night Stay At Home. Produced by Phil Judd. Originally released on Vertigo 6036 924, 1978.
2: Marching Girls - True Love. Produced by Marching Girls. Originally released on Propeller REV 4, 1980.
3. Toy Love - Don't Ask Me. Produced by Todd Hunter. Originally released on De Luxe Z 10022, 1979.
4: The Swingers - One Good Reason. Produced by Mike Chunn. Originally released on Ripper Records RIp 003, 1980.
5: The Screaming Meemees - Sunday Boys. Produced by Ian Morris. Originally released on Propeller REV 15, 1981.
6: The Clean -Point That Thing Somewhere Else. Produced by Doug Hood, Chris Knox, and The Clean. Originally released on Flying Nun FN 003, 1982.
7: DD Smash - The Devil You Know. Produced by Ian Morris. Originally released on Mushroom NZ K 8429, 1982.
8: The Chills - Rolling Moon. Produced by Doug Hood. Originally released on Flying Nun COLD 001, 1982.
9: Blam Blam Blam - Call Call For Help. Produced by Blam Blam Blam and Paul Streekstra. Originally released on Propeller REV 17, 1982.
10: The Dance Exponents - Sex and Agriculture. Produced by Julian Mendelssohn. Originally released on Mushroom NZ K 9478, 1985.
11: Herbs - Listen. Produced by Billy Kristian. Originally released on Warrior WAR 1021, 1988.
12: Headless Chickens - Gascrankenstation. Produced by Headless Chickens and Rex Visible. Originally released on Flying Nun FN 131, 1991.
13: Sisters Underground - In The Neighbourhood. Produced by Alan Jansson. Originally released on Second Nature VOLT 97, 1994.
14: DLT & Che Fu - Chains. Produced by DLT & Angus McNaughton. Originally released on BMG 13159 2, 1996.
15: Bic Runga - Suddenly Strange. Produced by Bic Runga. Originally released on Columbia 664940 2, 1997.
16: Fur Patrol - Dominoes. Produced by Andrew Downes and Fur Patrol. Originally released on Wishbone WISHCD 001, 1998.
17: Shihad - Pacifier. Produced by Garth Richardson. Originally released on Wildside 8573 86354 2, 2000.
18: Nesian Mystic - Nesian Style. Produced by Cuba and David Atai. Originally released on Bounce 99202, 2002.
19: Ian Morris - The Theme from Give It A Whirl. Produced by Ian Morris. Previously unreleased.
Mastered at Uptown by Alan Jansson and Rick Huntington. Liner notes by Mark Everton and Simon Grigg. Compiled by Simon Grigg, Richard Driver & Mark Everton. Artwork by Andrew B White, Peter Urlich and Simon Grigg.

The Soundtrack to the TV Series "Give It a Whirl-New Zealand Rock'n'Roll Stories". The two CDs attempted to give a wider view of NZ music history than is often portrayed.

Unfortunately, out of our control, the second part of the second CD was rather badly watered down which weakened the package somewhat.

The Newmatics

The Newmatics @ XS Cafe
REV 505: Various - Bigger Than Both Of Us
CD: September 2003, Digital April 2012.
Tracklisting and credits the same as 2REV 210 and found on the Bigger Than Both Of Us page.
Remastered at Uptown Studios by Alan Jansson and Rick Huntington. Artwork for reissue recompiled by Andrew B White. Reissue coordinated by Simon Grigg and Dylan Pellett.

The remastered and repackaged re-issue of 2REV210 with original sleeve and notes and a massive improvement over the original Festival CD issue which was done without consultation by that label's boss Jerry Wise (RIP and much missed though). Also via iTunes and Amplifier.

REV 506: Various - Off The Cuff
October, 2004 (Antenna cat # ANT 045)
1: Nathan Haines & Joost Langeveld - Avenue Dreams. Produced by Nathan Haines, Joost Langeveld, Alan Jansson & James Pinker.
2: Relaxomatic Project - Every Other Sunday. Produced by Luke Casey and Dan Sperber.
3: Trip - Svenska Tanka. Produced by Trevor Reekie and Tom Ludvigson.
4: One Million Dollars - Musica Na Cabeca. Produced by The Natabean.
5: Minuit - Menace. Produced by Minuit.
6: Fat Freddy's Drop - Hope. Produced by Fat Freddy's Drop. Remixed by Three Generations Walking.
7: House Of Downtown - It's On. Produced by Emerson Todd and Christiaan Ercolano.
8: Soane Featuring Anthony Gold - Where Do We Go From Here. Produced by Soane Watkins and Dick Johnson.
9: Dub Asylum - What The Funk. Produced by Peter McLennan. Remixed by Josh Webb and Rob Warner.
10: Headless Chickens - Expecting To Fly (Majik's Back To The 80's Mix). Produced by Roland Morris, Rex Visible and the Headless Chickens. Remixed by Dick Johnson.
11: Tomorrowpeople Featuring The Earl Of Kingsland - Got The Time. Produced by Andrew B White.
12: Rob Salmon - Delta Si. Produced by Rob Salmon.
13: Baitercell and Timmy Schumacher - What's Down Low. Produced by Tim Adam and Chris Chetland. Remixed by Greg Churchill
14: Concord Dawn - Let It Go. Produced by Concord Dawn.
Compiled by Tim Moon and Simon Grigg. Mastered and edited by Dave Rhodes. Artwork by Andrew B White and Grant Osborne.

NZ electronica comp, released for NZ Fashion Week 2004. A joint venture with Antenna.

REV 507: The Screaming Meemees - If This Is Paradise I'll Take The Bag (Remastered and Extended)
October, 2009. Digital Only.
1: Your Accent
2: Days Of Heaven
3: Day Goes By
4: Hardly Moved By It
5: What Do Eyes See
6: Sunday Boys
7: "F" Is For Fear (Featuring Kim Willoughby)
8: Coloured Day
9: Dali's Moustache
10: Orson Welles
11: Miro Miro
12: Can't Take It
13:All Dressed Up
14:Poison Boys
15:See Me Go
16:Till I Die
17:Pointy Ears
18:At At
19:Stars In My Eyes
Original album recorded at Harlequin Studios, Auckland, November 1981- May 1982. Produced by Ian Morris, Engineered By Steve Kennedy. Artwork by Peter Urlich. Photography by Kerry Brown. All other tracks recorded at Harlequin except track 19, recorded at Mandrill and track 14 Live at Mainstreet.
Remastered by Alan Jansson.

The Screaming Meemees album remastered and extended with singles etc. Digital only.

REV 508: Freebass - Raw: Live at Cause Celebre
June 2010. Digital Only.
1: Thinking Of Riccardo
2: Kie-Kie
3: This Way Comes
4: Kie-Kie Pt.2
5: I'll Scratch
6: Curious George
7: Feelin' Fuller
8: Rumblin' Around
Recorded by Chris Sinclair. Produced by Freebass & Mark Tierney. Artwork by Minka Firth.
Remastered by Alan Jansson

The classic and in demand 1993 live album, recorded at Cause Celebre and the first recordings of Nathan Haines.


REV 510: These Wilding Ways – Paul
October 2017. Digital Only.
1: Burns Like Fire
2: Love Like Rain
3: Carousel
4: Can't Help But
5: Set Love A Sail
6: Take My Hand
7: Love Say Love
8: House Of Cards
9: Can't Control Her
10: One Need
Recorded by Nigel Foster. Produced by Mark Tierney. Artwork by Dennis Blair. Photo by Karl Pierard

The Body Electric
REV 511: The Body Electric– Presentation And Reality
March 2020. Digital Only.
1: Imagination
2: Babies On Parade
3: Illusion
4: Interior Exile
5: Zanzibar
6: Rubber Knife
7: Dreaming In A Life
8: You Left Me Waiting
9: Night Pictures
10: Compelling
11: Pulsing (2020 Remaster)
12: Dash 1721
13: Who Takes The Rap
Written and Produced by The Body Electric. Remastered by The Body Electric.

2RPR1: Various– AK•79 (40th Anniversary issue)
CD and digital: December 13 2019, Vinyl: January 31 2020.
A1: Scavengers – Mysterex
A2: Terrorways – Never Been To Borstal
A3: Proud Scum – I Am A Rabbit
A4: Scavengers – True Love
A5: Proud Scum – Suicide
A6: Terrorways – Shes A Mod
B1: Swingers – Certain Sound
B2: The Primmers – Funny Story
B3: Toy Love – Squeeze
B4: Swingers – Baby
B5: The Primmers – You're Gonna Get Done
B6: Toy Love – Toy Love Song
C1: Suburban Reptiles – Megaton
C2: Suburban Reptiles – Coup D'Etat
C3: Scavengers – Routine
C4: Proud Scum – Suicide 2
C5: Terrorways – Short Haired Rock'n' Roll
C6: Toy Love – Frogs
C7: Suburban Reptiles – Saturday Night Stay At Home
D1: Features – City Scenes
D2: Spelling Mistakes – Feel So Good
D3: Marching Girls – First In Line
D4: Spelling Mistakes – Hate Me Hate Me
D5: Features – Victim
Remastered by Alan Jansson. Remastered and cut for vinyl by Carl Saff.

A joint release between Propeller and Flying Nun. The first 500 were a limited edition ruby red vinyl.

PROML 1: The Birthday Party - Prayers On Fire
October 1981 (Festival cat # L 37411). Also on cassette (PROMC 1 / C 37411)
A1:Zoo-Music Girl
A2: Cry
A3: Capers
A4: Nick The Stripper
A5: Ho-Ho
A6: Figure Of Fun
B1: King Ink
B2: A Dead Song
B3: Yard
B4: A Dull Day
B5: Just You And Me
Recorded Dec' 80 and Jan' 81 at A.A.V. Studio 2, Melbourne, except 'Dull Day' and 'Just You And Me' recorded at Richmond Recorders. Mixed at A.A.V, January 1981. Produced by The Birthday Party.

Our first release for the Australian band, licensed off Keith Glass' Missing Link label (cat # = Propeller Missing Link 1). Massive reviews but modest sales.

A classic nevertheless.


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