Joy Records


Joy Records is a label owned by myself and producer Alan Jansson, formed in 1999 at the request of Roger Grierson, then head of Festival Mushroom Records to issue Jansson's productions which didn't fit elsewhere.

Lost in the mayhem of the last days of FMR, it moved worldwide distribution to Sony Music in 2002 where its first release, by 3 The Hard Way, was a New Zealand number one.

Releases are best described as sporadic and irregular.


3 The Hard Way


Bobby Joe White

Middle of Downtown

CD Pro

1. Middle Of Downtown (PNAU Mix) 2. Middle of Downtown (Radio Mix)


Joy 001


Sisters Underground 

In The Neighbourhood

CD Single

number 3 NZ Top 50

1. 2003 TV2 Remix 2.Original Mix 3.Unreleased 2003 Mix   

Feb 2003




3 The Hard Way

It's On

CD Single

number 1 NZ Top 40

1.Single Version 2. Remix 3.Video

October 2003

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3 The Hard Way

It's On

12" Vinyl edition 100 Only

1.single version 2.Remix 3. Instrumental Mix 

Nov 2003


JOY 104


3 The Hard Way

Eyes on the Prize


number 14 NZ Top 40 albums

1.Higher Than High 2.Eyes on the Prize 3.It's On 4.Girls 5.Talk is Cheap 6.Everyday Pt2 7.The RPMS 8.Burn Rubber 9.Nothing's Changed 10.Rolling 11.The Warm Up 12.Hate Me Now 13.Party People 14.Beautiful Day 15.Higher Than High (Outro)

November 2003


Joy 205

Joy 205

The Others     

Crying Underwater

7" single 250 only

1.Crying Underwater 2.Bizmark

August 2005


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JOY 106

The Others Requiem

Something Error Happens

double album

Joy 106 insiide


1.1 Keys To Heaven (Featuring - Ben Vai); 1.2 RIP To Infinity; 1.3 Wishing Well (Featuring - Ella Mizrahi); 1.4 Just Shoot; 1.5 Breakdown; 1.6 Smile Potion Poison; 1.7 Hot Vs. Cold; 1.8 Dig Through The Mess (Featuring - Ben Vai); 1.9 Ill Skill Bill; 1.10 Style Bandits; 1.11 Autumn Requiem; 1.12 Aqua Junkie ( Featuring - Ella Mizrahi)


The Others Requiem


2.1 Sum Of Equations; 2.2 The Insect (Featuring - Sinergen Drug); 2.3 Lets Take It Back; 2.4 Crying Under Water (Featuring - Renate Rivers); 2.5 Static; 2.6 Jungle Hop; 2.7 Flat Battery; 2.8 Something Beginning With The End; 2.9 Lau Lupe

October 2007

Something Others Inside

Old Skool Prankstas

Joy 107

3 The Hard Way

Old Skool Prankstas


Intro - Here It Is; Rock tha Nation; Many Rivers (feat. Sulata); Bass Freak; Cheech Interlude; All Around; Dialog Interlude; DJ's Nightmare; Hip Hop Holiday (feat. Bobbylon); What I Gotta Do (feat. Larry Killip); Comin at Ya (Remix); Dialog Interlude; Everyday; Get Down; Gotta Do (Shout Outs); Hip Hop Holiday (feat. Bobbylon) [Radio Mix]; What I Gotta Do (Zane Lowe Remix); What I Gotta Do (Zane Lowe Remix) [Instrumental]

July 2012

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